Cultural Fluency Seminars: Embracing Your Neighbor

Learning to live and work together as Canadians in our ongoing multicultural context is a significant undertaking for local businesses, communities, and churches. These introductory seminars on cultural fluency provide insights for increasing our ability to understand and navigate cultural differences that exist within our diverse Canadian neighborhoods.

JGL 512 - Understanding our Sikh Neighbours (March 3-4, 2017)

DESCRIPTION: This seminar is designed to help build bridges towards understanding our Sikh neighbours. The seminar will discuss how the teachings of Sikhism differ from Hinduism. The participants will have the opportunity to visit a Gurdwara (a place where Sikhs worship) for a time of interaction. After completing the seminar, participants will be able to pray and witness more effectively to their Sikh neighbours. FACILITATOR: Pat Bhatti

Pat Bhatti was born in Punjab, India to a family whose ancestors believed in Hinduism for generations. It was through the labors of Christian missionaries that his grandfather came to faith in Christ. Pat’s parents followed Christ and raised him to fear God. After graduating college, Pat served in a missionary hospital and later taught in a Christian High School in the Punjab. In 1972, he moved to Canada with his wife and four children. With the influx of Punjabis to Canada in the eighties and hardly any outreach for this people group, Pat was wondering who would share the good news with them. It was then the Lord called him into ministry. As an ordained pastor with C&MA, Pat has been serving the Multicultural Alliance Church in Edmonton for 24 years and reaching out to the South Asians through market place evangelism.

JGL 513 - Developing a Church-based Ministry with New Canadians in Your Neighbourhood (April 7-8, 2017)

DESCRIPTION: How can your church develop intercultural ministry pathways to Jesus for immigrants in your neighbourhood? In this seminar, participants will learn to build a plan moving from settlement programming to spiritual conversations. Sessions Include: "Developing an intercultural ministries pathway"; "Leading an ESL conversational class"; "Leading an ESL Bible study for those interested in Jesus"; and "Equipping church volunteers for ministry with immigrants".

FACILITATORS: Rick and Patricia Love

Rick Love, M.Div. and Ph.D. from Trinity International University (Deerfield, Illinois) taught at seminaries in the Philippines and Canada before becoming Director of “Love New Canadians,” a consulting ministry that equips local churches for ministry with immigrants. Patricia Love has masters degrees in Intercultural Studies and in Teaching English as a Second Language. Both Rick and Patti served as missionaries in the Philippines for 11 years, and both are ordained with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Patti became Pastor of Intercultural Ministries at Foothills Alliance Church in Calgary in 2006 and continues to serve new Canadians through this ministry. Rick and Patti have four adult children.

JGL 514 - Diasporas, Migrants, and New Canadians: Ministering to the People Next Door (April 27 – 28, 2017)

DESCRIPTION: Canada is a nation of immigrants. In recent years, migration has accelerated. Consequently, Canadian cities have become "the Arrival Cities" and rural communities have been transformed into “Global Villages.” Our congregations are now neighbours to, not only Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses, but also to Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, and even European neopagans. This seminar is designed to help participants better understand the “People Next Door” and more effectively reach out to friends and neighbours -- ushering them to become "Family" members and fellow pilgrims to the City of God.

FACILITATOR: Sadiri Joy Tira (DMiss, DMin)

Sadiri Tira, more commonly known as Joy, is a missions practitioner who travels extensively around the globe mobilizing Christians in diaspora, particularly the globally scattered Filipinos to help fulfill the Great Commission. Born and raised in the Philippines, Joy and his wife Lulu immigrated to Canada in 1981 and are now naturalized Canadians. They are based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada — one of Canada’s top destinations for new immigrants and foreign workers. Joy serves as the Lausanne Movement‘s Senior Associate for Diasporas, and diasporaNet Convener at the Jaffray Centre.

JGL 515 - Understanding our Muslim Neighbours (May 26 – 27, 2017)

DESCRIPTION: This seminar will address fears people may have in approaching Muslims and building relationships with them. It will aid the participants in understanding our Muslim neighbours and finding ways to build bridges with them. There will also be time spent looking at the big picture and reminding ourselves of how God is at work among Muslims.

FACILITATOR: A practitioner couple

The presenters are practitioners who have lived and worked among Muslims from various nations over the past two decades. They currently direct a centre for new immigrants and refugees that serve predominately Muslim people. They have a passion to love our Muslim neighbours in word and action as well as to equip the body of Christ to do the same. For more information, visit:

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